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Deals In Real-Time!

Whether you're looking for a burger, beer or cocktail, you can count on MealSteals to guide you to the best deal. All deals are displayed in real-time, and the only transaction you'll make is at the restaurant.


When a bar or restaurant has a deal, their icon is displayed on the map.


Easily sort through the list. Use our filters to find exactly what you want.


See the most popular deals going on in real-time!


We built this app for people just like us; people who are spontaneous, indecisive and love a great deal. It can be way too time consuming scavenging the internet to find a deal on your next meal or planning out your bar hop. Living in a city that has one of the most bars and restaurants per capita can be a struggle! We wanted to build a simple, effective app that can swiftly direct you to your next meal, or guide you on your next bar crawl.